Fall Haul November 2018| Fashion Blog

As promised in my previous post about my new Culotte trousers, here is my blog about the clothes I bought!


Recently I have been loving Berschka! I don’t know why, I guess my style changed a lot, but I admit that I am loving the lastest styles these days. I’ve always loved the clothing from before I have been born, I always wished I had lived in those years! 

The first thing I bought was this bright red cropped sweater (size S). It has a turtle neck and the arms are a bit poofy with I like! As you can see I have combined it with a simple jeans. I just love how it brings me kinda out of my comfort zone – I always like to go back to ‘simple’ and not bright colours but I have been loving the colour red at the moment! 

The second thing is this warm and cosy black knitted sweater (Size S). It is so soft – I wish you could feel it! The sweater has a big roll neck and is from normal lenght. I like to tug it into my jeans or just the front. Doesn’t it reminds you of the old chuncky knitted sweaters from the olden days?

And as you already know I got this corduroy culotte trousers (size XS), you can read more of it in my blogpost about it! It’s one of my favourite things I have bought so far for the cold seasons!

Pull & Bear

I got one thing in Pull&Bear and it’s this cropped grey knitted sweater. Never thought I would say this, but I love it! I found it in a random place in the store, had my eyes on it for a while and thought “Why not?”. It is the softest sweater ever which I didn’t expected at all. I know it’s kinda simple and plain, but that’s my kinda style, I just like things where I can feel cosy and cute. As you can see I wore this with a black skinny jeans – I just think a cropped sweater is nicer to wear with a skinny jeans.


I was looking for a nice top to wear with my culotte from Berschka – which was hard to find since I wanted a top which fitted nice to my body as the trousers has already wide legs. So I found this brown longsleeved t-shirt/sweater with these golden buttons on the arms. I love how simple this is but you can dress it up as much as you want to!

Berschka, Pull&Bear and Zara are the shops I always go to, threy’re like my go-to-shops. I also really like Mango and Brandy Melville!

What are your favourite shops? Let me know down below in the comments!

See you next week! 

Lots of love, Lien xxx

Disclaimer – This blogpost doesn’t contain paid for advertorial. These are my own pictures and opinions. All the pictures belong to Sprinkle Of Lien

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