Camille Botten x NA-KD C1

Prelaunch Camille Botten x NA-KD

Last Saturday it was the prelaunch of Camille Botten’s collection with NA-KD fashion. Ever since I started following Camille on Instagram I fell in love with her fashion sense, her pictures and the way how she enjoys her life. Not gonna lie, but when I heard she would bring out her very own collection at only 20-years old (one year older then me lol) I started fangirling even more!

Camille Botten is a Belgian influencer, mostly known from Instagram (@camsbotten) living in Brussels and studying in Ghent. She mainly got known because of her job as a model by Dominque Models, which has been recently stopped and that’s why she’s now a self-employed model. On Instagram Camille shares – sometimes in collaboration with a brand – the newest beauty and fashion trends. She has worked with brands such as: Asos, NA-KD Fashion, Ice Watch, MAC, etc. However, Instagram isn’t her only way of being in the spotlights. You can also find her on YouTube, where she has her own channel where she likes to do vlogs, hauls, collaborations with make-up brands, Q&A’s and a lot more.

So, in November she started sharing some pictures on Instagram of her wearing her own collection and I absolutely loved it! When she told her followers the collection Cammile Botten x NA-KD was coming out on December 2nd and there would be a prelauch on December 1st I had to be there, espcially when the launch was in my own town! (@zebfashion)

In this blog I’m going to tell you more about the prelaunch, so take a seat & grab something to drink/eat and enjoy!

My bestie and I wanted to go to the launch a little bit earlier because we knew that the queue would be very long – and so it was, people were waiting outside in the rain. At 2pm Camille arrived, the DJ started playing music, drinks were being served and the collection was ready to launch! 

When you came into the store there was a red carpet, a  photo wall where you could get a meet and greet with Camille, a photobooth, a make-up artist and of course a few pieces of the collection. The photo wall is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen! (On Instagram:

Of course I took some pictures with Camille and talked to her! I had already met her two years ago when she worked at Brandy Melville in Antwerp and I also had a picture taken. She is such a sweet and adorable girl! 

There were drinks and little cakes everywhere! Everything looked so good and tasted amazing! 

Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything from the collection in the store itself because small sizes were sold out very quickly! Luckily, on December 2nd, it was the real launch of Camille Botten x NA-KD and I ordered some pieces – YEAY! I can’t wait for them to arrive and write another blogpost about them!

If the launch wasn’t already amazing, I also met the lovely Matti Verbeeke! She is such an inspiration! (@mattivb)

These are some other pictures I would like to share with you 😊! I had an amazing time with my best friend! We looked forward to the launch and it was just as we had expected to be!

And oh I forgot to say that the first 70 people received a goodiebag & my bestie and I got one of them! I loved everyting which was in the bag: a bralette, some earrings, a head band, a showergel and a granola bar. And there were also some samples of Jean d’Arcel products which you could take with you – of course I did, I am a beauty-lover duh.

If you haven’t checked out Camille’s collection, click here to find out more! Personally, I think some pieces are quite expensive but they are normal prices for NA-KD (I normally shop by Bershka, Zara or Pull&Bear so that’s why). I am in LOVE with the collection, keep up the good work Camille! Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many people out there & keep on being yourself!

Make sure to keep an eye out for some outfit posts from the collection Camille Botten x NA-KD!

P.S: Today the pieces I’ve ordered arrived!! 😊 You can have a little sneakpeak over on my Instagram stories (@liendewolfxx).

Lots of love,

Lien xxx

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