My Last Ever Blogpost.

Firstly I would like to wish every mom out there a happy Mothers Day! Hope you have or had a lovely day! ❤ Unfortunately this is not one of my happy blogs and it's not even the blog that I originally wanted to post today, but I guess it is what it is and I've… Continue reading My Last Ever Blogpost.

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April Favourites 2020

Hi! Welcome to May! New month, new goals and new products. 🙂 In today's post I wanted to talk about some of my favourite people, products, books, etc. of April. I remember these 'Montly Favourites' were a thing back in the day and bloggers kinda stopped writing these (or I just don't notice these posts… Continue reading April Favourites 2020


My Morning Skincare Routine | April 2020

Hiya! For today's blogpost I wanted to share with you the products that I use during my morning skincare routine. I wrote a 'Morning Skincare Routine' last year too and to be honest I changed up my products quite a bit, so yeah… Let me show you the ones that I use now! Currently I… Continue reading My Morning Skincare Routine | April 2020


Mother’s Day Gift Guide ♥ 2020

Hi! I hope you all had a great week and doing well! As Mother's Day is coming up (10th May) in Belgium, I wanted to create a gift guide for all the lovely moms out there. I did this last year too and everyone loved it, so I'm doing it again. 🙂 I know I'm… Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Guide ♥ 2020


Things I Do During Quarantine

HAPPY EASTER! I know it's sad that we can't spend Easter with our families and friends, but luckily videochatting exists! On Easter Day me and my family would usually have a brunch and an Easter egg hunt afterwards, but that will be for next year! - Instead I'm going to sit behind my laptop all… Continue reading Things I Do During Quarantine


Three Outfits For Warm Weather | Fashion Blog

Welcome back guys to Thursday blogpost! You might already know that there's a heatwave in Belgium, so it's finally time to get the cute skirts, dresses, etc. out - YEAY! I am so up for this weather! A few months ago I bought some cute summer clothes which are now ready to get out of… Continue reading Three Outfits For Warm Weather | Fashion Blog

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Huge Summer Try-On Haul! June 2019 – H&M, P&B, Ici Paris XL and More! | Fashion & Beauty Blog

Hi guys! I am finally back with normal uploads about beauty, fashion and lifestyle! I haven't been blogging for a month or so due to my final exams, but now they are finished I can blog again and I AM SO READY FOR IT! I'm looking forward to put some amazing content out there for… Continue reading Huge Summer Try-On Haul! June 2019 – H&M, P&B, Ici Paris XL and More! | Fashion & Beauty Blog


My 20th Birthday! + What I Got For My Birthday

As you may or may not know: Yesterday I celebrated my 20th birthday! Yeay! 🙂 I tought it would be nice to share my birthday 'weekend' with you as this is an amazing memory and I love birthdays! On Friday the 17th of May, my boyfriend and I went on a pre-celebration to the Graslei,… Continue reading My 20th Birthday! + What I Got For My Birthday

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Beauty & Stationery Haul | Hema & Kruidvat

First of all: HAPPY MOTHERSDAY TO ALL THE AMAZING MOMS OUT THERE! ♥ Let me know in the comments what you did today or what present you gave your loved one! 🙂 Now, let's talk about beauty and stationery! I got some bits and bobs the other day from Hema (stationery/beauty shop) and Kruidvat (beauty… Continue reading Beauty & Stationery Haul | Hema & Kruidvat